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About Our Foods
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Marvin's Garden stands by its quality foods, while serving you with the finest in meats, poultry, seafood, and specialty items on the market, featuring Halperns Steak and Seafood  products, the most respected name in the Southeast. With endorsements from the finest of restaurants, you are sure to experience high quality dining, right in the pleasure of your own home!

Most of our products are Fresh or  Blast Frozen and Cryovac sealed for preservation of taste and quality. The finest cut in our meat products ensure that you are getting all meat and no waste. Of course, satisfaction is guaranteed on all of our products!

What do some restaurant owners say about Halperns Steak and Seafood

"The Halpern family has been our supplier for over 30 years,providing Buckhead Life Restaurant Group with great products
for the diverse menus of our 14 restaurants.Guest at all our restaurants expect only the best from Halperns'."

Buckhead Life Restaurant Group

"Quality and service that set the new standard in the industry."

Gerry Klaskala
Executive Chef and Mananging Partner

"Halperns' consistency,expert quality and exceptional service has made it easy for us to expand into multiple locations in multiple cities for 20 years."
Mike Connor, President and Founder
The Chop House

In addition to our beef, poultry and seafood lines, we carry a variety of pork, lamb, and veal, as well as, specialty, and seasonal items, such as, stuffed chicken, fajitas, pizzas, kabobs, hors d'oeuvres,  cheese cake, gourmet , and much more.

Our fantastic food line is delivered to your door through a trusted team of individuals who pride themselves with integrity and character. Great customer service is restored in this generation from Marvin's Garden, as a way of saying, "We appreciate you, and we would like to help make life easier for you!" Now you can have a gourmet meal on your table in 20-35 minutes with most dishes.
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