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A process that was developed for restaurants who wanted the freshest meat available, but also wanted the convenience of storing without losing its freshness. Blast freezing is not the same as freezing. Instead, the product is frozen within 2-3 seconds, using liquid nitrogen at -60 degrees. This locks in the juices and freshness and holds it in this condition until ready for use. When using the general freezer method, the meat is slowly frozen, which causes the juices to become dissipated. This releases enzymes that result in damage to the cells of the meat, that continue to degenerate even throughout its freezing process. Since the blast freezing process freezes the entire meat immediately, the storage life is as long as one year without sacrificing taste and quality. 

Why is this process better than purchasing so-called "fresh" meat from the grocer? By the time the meat is shipped to its final destination and shelved (generally up to 10 days before reaching the consumer), it has lost its freshness or has been frozen and thawed, resulting in a less than high quality product. Blast freezing is the only assurance that your meat is fresh and kept in its highest quality.